New Series: Single Record

Single Record is a hip-hop series shot as a narrative documentary. The series tells the story of Aaron (Nelson Moses Lassiter) a young rapper fighting through depression as he breaks through in the music industry while coming to terms with his sexuality. As his inner circle witnesses his unraveling, they must work behind the scenes to save his stalling career and ultimately his life, at the same time they manage the fallout in their own personal lives.

The show is designed to illustrate how people can often ignore calls for help and not realize something is wrong until its too late. Single Record is told through the perspective of Aaron’s friends. Each one of them have a different idea of what is going on and each perspective has some truth. The whole truth is revealed by combining all the perspectives. The idea of perspective is to illustrate that we are often unaware how our decisions and actions impact other people and their actions.

“I wanted to create a show that touches on sexuality, identity and self acceptance. I used Hip hop because it is a genre that has strong views on sexuality. I wanted to show the impact these views can have on someone’s life and hopefully change the way people think,” said Lassiter, the show’s creator and star. “As a gay black man who is also a rapper, I deal with these issues and I wanted to create a world that shows what others like me have to go through and ultimately encourage others to accept themselves and others.”

The first six episodes of Single Record are available to stream now on Dekkoo.

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