The Breeding is a Boldly Provocative Thriller

Winner of the “Best Feature” award at the 2018 Harlem International Film Festival, writer-director Daniel Armando’s The Breeding is a boldly provocative erotic thriller about a young African American artist whose obsession with a taboo fetish leads to life-altering consequences.

The story centers around Thomas (Marcus Bellamy), a thirsty queer New York City cartoonist who finds himself distracted and aroused by the men he’s drawing. While his boyfriend is away, he seeks out aggressive sexual experiences. A chance restroom encounter with a recently divorced financier named Lee leaves Thomas curious about exploring the taboo fetish of “race play.” But when the game goes past role-playing and becomes all too problematically real, chilling actions are taken that will forever change the trajectory of these men’s lives.

Part Fatal Attraction, part Get Out, The Breeding is a deeply edgy film that uses the style and tropes of erotic thrillers to examine race-relations, sexuality and cultural identity.

Watch the trailer for The Breeding below. The film is now available on Dekkoo.

I Always Said Yes: The Many Lives of Wakefield Poole celebrates a queer filmmaking pioneer

I Always Said Yes: The Many Lives of Wakefield Poole tells the story of a sometimes-overlooked gay liberation and independent filmmaking pioneer.

In late 1971, Wakefield Poole, a respected Broadway dancer and choreographer, had the audacity to put his real name above the title of his first film, a low- budget, hardcore gay erotic feature called Boys in the Sand. And to make sure everyone knew about it, Poole advertised the film in the New York Times, creating a sensation.

In an era when anyone making, promoting, or appearing in what the US government considered “pornography” could be liable for prosecution and jail time, Poole was a remarkably open and honest gay filmmaker. He became internationally famous and his movies screened for years as examples that films could be artistic as well as sexually explicit.

Director/Producer Jim Tushinski continues the exploration of art and sexuality he began in That Man: Peter Berlin, but this time around, the main character is not a cool, untouchable icon. Poole, now in his 80s, tells his own story, that of an outspoken and articulate artist in a turbulent, passionate time. He didn’t think of himself as a pornographer. He was a filmmaker who used his dance and theater background to create beautiful, erotic art films that “challenged the mind.”

To many, though, Poole just made dirty movies. But Poole was so much more than a filmmaker and his amazing life story leads him through twists and turns, triumphs and tragedies, and a number of remarkable reinventions.

Watch the trailer for I Always Said Yes: The Many Lives of Wakefield Poole below. The film is now available on Dekkoo.

Now Available: Nobody’s Watching

From co-writer/director Julia Solomonoff, the thoughtful new gay drama Nobody’s Watching is a film about the struggle of self-imposed exile; how the pleasures of anonymity and freedom contrast with the pain of loneliness and loss that shapes immigrant experience.

Nico (Guillermo Pfening) is an Argentine actor in his mid-30s, struggling to build a career in the United States. Without assistance, or connections, he’s never too far away from heart-breaking failure. He is, however, often blinded by the mirage of immediate success.

Nico has left a promising acting career in Argentina, after a tumultuous break-up with his mentor/producer. He lands in New York, lured into believing that his talent will help him find success “on his own” and prove his self-worth. But that’s not what he finds. Too blonde to play Latino, his accent to strong to play anything else, Nico gets stuck between identities: that of the successful South American actor, and temporary immigrant needing to juggle odd jobs and under-the-table employment, in search of the ever-elusive acting part that will provide an adjustment of status.

When Andrea (Elena Roger), his beautiful Argentinean ex-roommate and confidante, asks him to take care of her baby, Nico becomes his male nanny and doesn’t suspect how deeply this new bond will affect him.

Nobody’s Watching examines an immigrant experience that doesn’t often land on the screen; the bittersweet struggle of choosing to make a new land your own, and the realization that actual success lies in the journey of self- discovery and the unexpected gains that “failure” can provide.

Watch the trailer for Nobody’s Watching below. The film is now available on Dekkoo.

Futuro Beach is a unique cross-continental gay romance

A cross-continental drama from acclaimed director Karim Ainouz (Madame Satã, Love for Sale), Futuro Beach tells the story of a two men who go to great lengths to stay together.

Donato (“Narcos” star Wagner Moura), a Brazilian lifeguard, and Konrad (Clemens Schick), a German soldier, don’t meet under the best circumstances. While visiting the titular Futuro Beach during a vacation in Brazil, Konrad’s travel buddy, a fellow soldier, drowns. Despire his best effort, Donato was unable to save him. Devastated by this turn of events, the two men find comfort in one another’s arms. Thus begins a passionate sexual affair.

Both men are hyper-masculine. At first, their borderline-violent love-making seems almost like a challenge to see who has higher testosterone levels. As the two spend more time together, though, they begin to drop their respective guards and true romance blossoms. But, Konrad has already established a life in Berlin. Donato has a younger brother, Ayrton (played as a child by Savio Ygor Ramos and as a young adult by Jesuíta Barbosa), that idolizes him and needs to be looked after in Brazil. If the pair wishes to start a real relationship, one of them is going to end up abandoning people they love in the process.

We don’t want to give away much more than that. With a slow pace, a long running time and a story that stretches over the course of many years and shifts focus between characters, it isn’t always easy to predict where Futuro Beach is going. That is one of the film’s many assets.

Watch the trailer for Futuro Beach below. The film is now available on Dekkoo.

Short Film Spotlight: Marz

In this new twelve-minute short film from writer-director Bobby Yan, a childhood friendship is put to the test after a life changing encounter stirs up uncomfortable feelings and emotions that neither are equipped to answer.

Still from Marz, A Short Film by Bobby Yan

Chris Mars (Jade Yorker) is an aspiring rapper. Poised for success, Marz appears to have it all – a hot track on the streets, a beautiful girlfriend, and most importantly, the loyalty and camaraderie of his longtime childhood buddy, Mel (Devale Ellis), a tough street gangster type with a not so clean past.

Still from Marz, A Short Film by Bobby Yan

Losing his father at a young age, Mel, three years his senior, serves as a surrogate brother and father figure to Chris. It’s a bond that could never be broken, or at least not until one fateful night that changes Chris’s life forever.

Still from Marz, A Short Film by Bobby Yan

Watch the trailer for Marz below. The film is now available on Dekkoo.


Before you can see it anywhere else, watch the exciting new doc Leave it to Levi on Dekkoo!

An emotional and highly-entertaining new documentary from the creative forces behind CockyBoys, one of the world’s leading studios for man-on-man adult entertainment, Leave it to Levi brings to the screen the story of Levi Karter, one of the adult world’s biggest gay stars, and the changes that have taken place in his life.

Levi Karter and Ben Masters in Leave it to Levi

In 2014, Luke was an adopted, only-child of a single mother, a teenage boy growing up in a small town in Ohio. Having eventually enrolled in college, he became restless, dropped out and moved to New York City to pursue a career in gay modelling and porn. He soon took on the name Levi Karter and went on to have a thriving, award-winning international career with high-brow porn production house CockyBoys. Unbeknownst to anyone at the time, Levi was also pursuing yet another fantasy – branching out and working night and day in a second career as a drag queen who goes by the moniker Sassy Frass.

Levi Karter in Leave it to Levi

Leave it to Levi is a celebration of determination, family, male beauty, porn, sass, and discovering the inner power and strangth that comes with bring a young gay man in the 21st century.

Levi Karter as Sassy Frass in Leave it to Levi

Before it’s available ANYWHERE ELSE, Leave it to Levi is now available exclusively for Dekkoo subscribers!

Levi Karter in Leave it to Levi - Original Poster


Cut Snake is a riveting, must-see thriller

From director Tony Ayres and screenwriter Blake Ayshford, Cut Snake is a tense, psychologically driven crime thriller in which one man discovers that biggest obstacle to putting the past behind him may be himself.

Set in Melbourne in the mid-1970s, the film tells the story of Sparra Farrell (Alex Russell), an ex-convict who is trying to make a new life for himself in a new city. He has found honest work and even becomes engaged but the prospect of this new life is challenged when his foreboding and charismatic cell mate Pommie (Sullivan Stapleton) tracks him down upon his own release and tries to reignite the passion they had for one another behind bars. Sparra finds himself enigmatically drawn back toward a world and a man that he was certain he had wanted to leave behind.

The Hollywood Reporter called Cut Snake “a terrific title for this dark, romantic crime thriller” and said that “the sexual tension hangs in the air like storm clouds.” The Los Angeles Times said it’s “feverishly, genre-shakingly different” thanks in large part to Sullivan Stapleton’s “magnetically coiled performance.”

Watch the trailer for Cut Snake below. The film is now available on Dekkoo.