West of Eden tells a tale of forbidden love and bitter revenge in 1960s New Zealand

Billy (Kieran Foster) is already experiencing the ugly side of people’s fear and prejudice. He resolves, for the sake of his family, to leave his home town and go somewhere where he is unknown; where he can re-invent himself. Billy decides to take a job on a large farm far away; the most prestigious in its district. He hopes it will be a fresh start. As fate would have it, he immediately encounters the very thing he has tried to leave behind: he meets Tom (Luke Thompson), the farmer’s son.

Luke Thompson in West of Eden

Tom is beautiful and fearless, with the arrogance of privilege and youth. Their simmering romantic tension is further under-pinned by the social repression and isolation of rural New Zealand in the 1960s. A tinder-box of deceit and malice emerges as Billy discovers that he is not the only one fighting his desires and hiding his demons.

Kieran Foster in West of Eden

Inspired by true events, West of Eden tells a stylish tale of forbidden love and bitter revenge. Watch the trailer below. The film is now available on Dekkoo.

New This Week – 9/13/19

‘The Sunday Sessions’ is an intimate portrait of one man’s struggle to reconcile his religious conviction and sexual identity. Stream it now on Dekkoo!

Set in New Zealand in the early 1960s, this stylish story of family, revenge and forbidden love follows a young cowboy who drifts into a small town and starts falling in love with the local farmer’s son. As the two young men grow closer, they learn to stop fighting their desires and to start fighting their demons instead. Watch ‘West of Eden’ now on Dekkoo!

At the beach with his mother, young Pedro stumbles upon a hidden sexual playground. Stream the gay short film ‘Pedro’ on Dekkoo!


Coming next week: After an unexpected delay, Mr. Leather returns!

Now Available: The Cult

Brazilian writer-director André Antônio’s unusual first feature-length film reveals him as a unique talent. The Cult premiered at the Rio International Film Festival and was awarded at Mix Brasil. It also recently had its European Premiere at the Göteborg International Film Festival.

Set in the year 2040, the film sees the city of Recife, in Brazil, deserted and in ruins. It was abandoned by the wealthy, who migrated to space colonies. The son of one of these rich families, bored in his new address, decides to return. In Recife, he redecorates his old house and spends his time reading, walking and getting involved with various men. Gradually, however, he perceives strange signs in the streets and discovers the existence of a secret cult.

André Antônio.  Born 1988 in Recife himself, worked as an editor in several Brazilian films before founding, in 2012 and along with filmmakers Chico Lacerda, Fábio Ramalho and Rodrigo Almeida, the independent cinema collective Surto & Deslumbramento. In this collective, he directed two short films, Mama and Canto de Outono. André is also a researcher at Rio de Janeiro Federal University in the topics Cinema and Artifice.

You can watch the trailer for The Cult below. The film is now available on Dekkoo.

New This Week – 9/6/19

In the cloistered world of competitive surf-lifesaving, an Australian hero is de-throned as the reigning champion by a younger, gay competitor. He embarks on a campaign of intimidation and bullying against the newcomer but is forced to confront his own repressed homoerotic desire. ‘Drown’ is available to stream now on Dekkoo.

We’ve added four new episodes of Bad Boy!

Scott, a mild-mannered gay writer in Los Angeles, gets wrapped up into a world of bad boys and their crime-filled past after being adopted as their “Daddy Scott”, whether he likes it or not.

Two college students fall in love one year before graduation and have bright futures ahead until one of them develops schizophrenia. ‘A Nice Quiet Life’ is available to stream now!


Coming next week: An intimate journey into the surreptitious world of conversion therapy.

Short Film Spotlight: Pitbull

Written and directed by John Ira Palmer, the six-minute short film Pitbull follows Javi (Josué Jiménez), a young man from East Los Angeles who is being harassed by his deeply homophobic neighbor. As tensions escalate, he must decide whether to finally confront his tormentor or turn the other cheek.

A writer, director and producer, Palmer created the short film Elwood Takes a Lover, which screened at festivals around the world and was an official selection of The American Pavilion Emerging Filmmaker Showcase at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival. He was named a quarter-finalist for the 2019 Academy Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting, and is also a co-writer of Samir, the Warner Bros-funded USC feature film adaptation of The Count of Monte Cristo.

Palmer also produced the documentary Al Imam, which became a Vimeo Staff Pick, aired on National Geographic, and earned KCET Fine Cut’s top prize. He also co-produced The Dare Project, directed by Adam Salky and written by David Brind, which screened at Outfest and Frameline in 2018.

In 2016, Palmer was invited to the Film Society of Lincoln Center’s Artist Academy for emerging filmmakers at the New York Film Festival. John’s experimental 16mm and super-8 short films have screened at venues such as REDCAT, Blum & Poe, and Pacific Film Archive. He has been selected for artist residencies at Echo Park Film Center and AICAD’s New York Studio Program, and awards including the ARRI Emerging Filmmaker Grant, the James Broughton Film Award, and a Princess Grace Foundation Film Honorarium. John earned his MFA at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts and his BFA at San Francisco Art Institute.

Watch the trailer for Pitbull below. The full short film is now available on Dekkoo.

Drown tells a shocking and powerful tale of toxic masculinity and repressed desire

Len (Matt Levett) is a Surf Lifesaving champion, a legend in the cloistered surf club just like his father.  But when the younger, faster, fitter Phil (Jack Matthews) arrives at the club, Len’s legendary status starts to crumble. Then Len sees Phil arriving in the company of another man; a man Phil gives a farewell kiss too. Phil is gay.

Matt Levett and Jack Matthews in Drown

Over the summer season, Len starts to form unexpected, confusing feelings for Phil.  It’s something Len cannot accept and after the annual awards dinner, Len explodes. He finds Phil in the Club House locker room and violently attacks him.

Matt Levett and Jack Matthews in Drown

But to Len’s surprise, Phil remains loyal to the pack and refuses to rat on Len about the beating in the Club House locker Room. Len stays in the Club and is free to compete in the annual Surf Lifesaving completion; a competition Len has won five times but Phil wins and Len’s defeat is final.

Matt Levett in Drown

Broken, Len refuses to die and with his best mate Meat he takes Phil on a victory bender through the seedy city in an attempt to secure an intoxicated oblivion.

Matt Levett and Jack Matthews in Drown

Arriving back at the beach where Phil won his victory the day before, Len sets upon Phil. And in a series of humiliating acts, Len finally comes face to face with a fundamental question, can he accept the truth about his sexuality and identity or will he succumb to complete oblivion.

Matt Levett in Drown

A shocking and powerful tale of toxic masculinity, repressed desire and violence, Drown is now available on Dekkoo. Watch the trailer below.


New This Week – 8/30/19

A timid 18-year-old living with his financially-struggling immigrant parents, chances upon a secret cruising spot when he takes a job at an all-male spa. There he begins to realize hidden desires that threaten his life as a dutiful son and student. ‘Spa Night’ is available to stream on Dekkoo!

‘But She’s My Best Friend’ is a gay comedy series about two gay best friends, Christian and Joey, and their lives in West Hollywood as they try to find a happy medium between being an adult and being a mess. Season 2 of this hilarious series is available now on Dekkoo!

It is the year 2040, Earth has been abandoned by the wealthy, who have migrated to space colonies. Bored, a rich young man decides to return home. Gradually, he perceives strange signs in the streets and discovers the existence of a secret cult. Stream ‘The Cult’ now on Dekkoo!


Coming next week: Violence, jealousy, desire and what it takes to hide what you are.