Short Film Spotlight: Shower Boys

An award-winning 9-minute short comedy from Swedish screenwriter Albin Abrahamsson and co-writer/director Christian Zetterberg, Shower Boys follows two young men who spend an afternoon struggling with their understanding of masculinity.

After a heated training match where their toughness is called into question, 12-year-olds Viggo and Noel (Lucas Andreasson and David Ramirez Knezevic) decide to spend some time together in the sauna.

The two friends begin to compete to see which of them is more “manly.” Though neither of them are looking to qualify for a top score, what feels only natural to them may be regarded quite differently by their parents.

Using nuanced writing and outstanding performances, Shower Boys hilariously reflects the complexity of growing up freely as a young boy and being able to explore your emotions and desires. While society tells boys they must fit into a specific box, this short film – and its characters – deconstruct all the usual stereotypes.

Watch a short trailer for Shower Boys below. The full short is now available on Dekkoo.

Short Film Spotlight: Unicorn

A new 30-minute short film from Rodrigo Bellott, the writer-director behind the award-winning 2019 drama Tu Me ManquesUnicorn tells a poignant story about religious fundamentalism, homophobia and a romance that helps one character break free.

Doug Porter stars as Isaac, a young man whose family’s strict religious code prohibits them from all modern-day technology. So strict is his pious father that Isaac sometimes finds himself locked away in a cell for even daring to interpret the Bible differently.

When he’s finally freed thanks to intervention from the local police, he finds himself shunned by everyone in his orbit – including his siblings. His work on a dairy farm in the neighboring town brings him into contact with Fernando, played by Eric Robles. An immediate spark is felt between the two, but in Issac’s homophobic and watchful religious community, his sexual awakening will come at a heavy cost.

Inspired by a true story, Unicorn is a gripping film from a talented director at the height of his powers.

Watch a trailer for Unicorn below. The film is now available on Dekkoo.

Two slash fiction writers check their taboos at the door in the crowd-pleasing comedy Slash

In Slash, writer-director Clay Liford’s charming new comedy-of-age comedy, Michael Johnson stars as Neil, a high school kid who struggles to fit in with his peers.

Expressing himself through writing, his fantasies follow a sci-fi action hero named Vanguard. A character with a strong hold on Neil’s imagination, Vanguard travels to far off planets where his battles for justice often devolve into shirtless skirmishes that embrace same-sex entanglements.

Passionate about “Slash,” otherwise known as erotic fan fiction, Neil is ostracized at school but soon finds a kindred spirit in Julia, played by Hannah Marks. Julia is a fellow slasher who gets her kicks from “Fain Elven” fiction. Embracing Neil as her protégé of sorts, the duo explore an unusual writerly passion.

Soon, a Comic Con-bound journey of self-exploration has them checking all of their taboos at the door.

A true crowd-pleaser at film festivals all around the world, Slash is a winning exploration of teen angst, bisexuality, life, love… and erotic fiction.

Watch the trailer for Slash below. The film is now available on Dekkoo.

Short Film Spotlight: Stockholm

Stockholm is a powerful and stylishly-crafted new short film from British writer-director Tom Wright.

Alex Britt stars as Alex, a young gay man who, during what initially seems to be an unusual first date, attempts to gain control over a traumatic event from his past. Things, however, are not as simple as they initially appear.

Wright uses deliberately disorienting cinematography and quick editing to jump around in time. And while the exact nature of Alex’s trauma is kept mysterious, what we do know is that he met another young guy who ended up hurting him.

Taking us through a montage which shows the consequences of the incident, we see Alex spiral into a chasm of self-destructive behavior before finally taking the first steps toward dealing with his emotions in a healthier way.

Stockholm shows us, in an intelligent and even elegant way, the deep effects of sexual assault and examines how the circumstances of recovery are never just black and white.

Watch a short trailer for Stockholm below. The film is now available on Dekkoo.

Short Film Spotlight: The Kiss on the Cliff

The early 1980s were a difficult time to be LGBTQ+. AIDS was considered a death sentence, gay people were frequently shunned by their families and bisexual men and women often let their same-sex attractions go unexplored.

Made in 1993, The Kiss on the Cliff is a deeply moving 21-minute short from accomplished director Reid Waterer. The film begins in 1983, in the small town of Rock Springs, Wyoming, with an attempted kiss between best friends Mark and Steve, played by Stephen Wolfe Smith and Tom Tarantini.

Their deep feeling for one another has sent ripples of tension through every aspect of their lives and forced both of them to question whether their desire is worth the risk.

Flashing forward ten years later, the two are reunited. Though they find that their lives have followed very different courses, their relationship still demands some kind of resolution.

Recently restored, The Kiss on the Cliff offers up a unique look at a different era in both gay life and gay indie cinema.

Watch a super short trailer for The Kiss on the Cliff below. The film is now available on Dekkoo.

Now Available: Ekaj

From first-time filmmaker Cati Gonzalez, Ekaj is a gritty indie film that delves deep into the triumphs and torments of a gay teenage street hustler with an unflinching authenticity.

Ekaj, played by Jake Mestre, is a confused young teen living on the streets of New York City – trying to find his place personally, socially and sexually. His life begins to change when he meets Mecca, played by New York City-based artist Badd Idea.

A cynical hustler who is dying of AIDS, the older Mecca takes Ekaj under his wing. Ekaj starts taking on sex work, hoping to become the lover of a rich man and be taken care of for life. When he starts up a romance with an abusive painter named Johnny, his day-to-day existence goes from bad to worse.

Having earned acclaim at over 35 film festivals around the globe, Ekaj examines the turbulent lives of LGBTQ youth, specifically those who have been kicked out of their own homes. The film articulately depicts what it means to be gender-queer and struggling in the fast-paced landscape of New York.

Watch the trailer for Ekaj below. The film is now available on Dekkoo.

Now Available: Isaac

The debut film from veteran Spanish producers Angeles Hernandez and David Matamoros, Isaac stars Pepe Ocio and Ivan Sanchez as Nacho and Denis, two former childhood friends who meet again years after having had an intense relationship as teenagers.

Both men’s lives are now quite different. Nacho and his wife Marta seem to be the perfect bourgeois married couple, but they’re struggling to get pregnant. Denis and his wife Carmen lead a more laid-back lifestyle, living from hand to mouth as they try to save up enough money to open up the restaurant of their dreams.

When Denis offers his partner as a surrogate for Nacho and Marta, the two couples find themselves having to deal with deep secrets the two men buried long ago.

Based on an acclaimed Spanish stage play by Antonio Hernández, Isaac is an emotional and poignant drama about class, happiness, repressed desires and learning to be your true, authentic self.

Watch the trailer for Isaac below. The film is available now on Dekkoo.