The powerful gay drama The Last Match celebrates it’s 10th anniversary this year

Originally released in 2013, The Last Match centers on an intense love affair between two seemingly straight young men.

Reiner and Yosvani are best friends and soccer mates. Handsome Reinier, in order to support his mother, his wife and their baby turns to sex work. Meanwhile, the shy Yosvani is reluctantly engaged to a girl and lives with her and her bombastic loan shark father.

After a furtive kiss at a nightclub, the two young men quickly fall hard for one another. And as their love intensifies, the challenge is not with them but with their unforgiving Havana neighborhood… a place from which they desperately want to escape.

The two leads are charismatic and unforgettable as the super-charged lovers in this powerful drama from director Antonio Hens.

Celebrating it’s 10-year anniversary this year, The Last Match is now available on Dekkoo.

A filmmaker becomes the target of a serial killer in the colorful new horror-comedy CUT!

Writer-director Marc Ferrer also stars in his new film CUT! as Marcos, a struggling low-budget filmmaker who is desperate to finish his latest project – a queer take on Italian Giallo thrillers of the 1970s.

When the cast and crew of his movie end up the victims of a deranged serial killer, Marcos quickly becomes both a prime suspect for the investigators and the killer’s next potential target. He soon finds he must keep working if he wants to survive.

Paying homage to sleazy Euro-thrillers and the early films of Pedro Almodóvar, this vibrant new horror-comedy melds together mystery, camp, pastiche and heavy doses of homoeroticism.

CUT! is a rollicking meta slasher which proudly showcases the weird, wild and wonderful world of queer artists in Spain and Catalonia.

Watch the trailer for CUT! below. The film is now available on Dekkoo.

Two former friends rekindle their affections in the romantic drama I Miss You When I See You

An old-fashioned gay romance from Simon Chung, the director behind End of Love and SpeechlessI Miss You When I See You stars Hong Kong actors Jun Li and Ji-Lok Mak Bryant as Kevin and Jamie, former best friends from high school.

Their emotional attachment and growing love for one another were cut abruptly short by Kevin’s departure to Australia with his mother.

Twelve years later, Jamie tracks down Kevin in Australia. The reunion with his best friend reminds Kevin – suffering from depression – of his youthful ambitions. He decides to return to Hong Kong to be closer to Jamie.

Meanwhile, Jamie, who is in a steady relationship with his girlfriend, finds his feelings for Kevin reawakened and growing stronger.

Inevitably, both men must make a choice between society’s expectations… or following their hearts.

Watch the trailer for I Miss You When I See You below. The film is now available on Dekkoo.

A gay single father starts acting out in the riveting drama Wandering Heart

Argentinian actor Leonardo Sbaraglia delivers a revelatory performance in the new gay family drama Wandering Heart. He stars as Santiago, a gay single father who has reached a tipping point in his life.

Reeling from a bitter breakup, he is also facing the impending departure of his young adult daughter Laila (played by Miranda de la Serna), with whom he shares a close yet emotionally-charged relationship.

As the fear of being alone threatens to swallow him whole, Santiago’s behavior becomes increasingly erratic and self-destructive. Over the course of a chaotic summer, divided between Argentina and Brazil, he must learn to let go of his daughter so that each of them can find their own freedoms.

Drawing complex, empathetic characters and employing unaffected dialog, Wandering Heart is deeply moving new drama that tells an intimate story about the intense longing to love and to be loved.

Watch the trailer for Wandering Heart below. The film is now available on Dekkoo.

Short Film Spotlight: Sparrow

Written and directed by Welby Ings, Sparrow is a visually inventive 15-minute short film from New Zealand which follows an unusual young boy who believes he can fly.

Adorned with a set of homemade wings, he finds himself a frequent target of bullying at school. When he discovers the truth behind a family myth involving his war veteran grandfather, he finally discovers the strength to stand up to his abusers.

Visually stunning and deeply moving, Sparrow earned acclaim and awards at countless film festivals all around the globe when it was originally released in 2016.

Welby Ings recently made his feature-length debut with a boxing drama called Punch, which has also been earning a great deal of buzz at festivals over the past year and is expected to be released in the US in 2023.

Watch the trailer for Sparrow below. The film is now available on Dekkoo.