Get ready to dive into LGBTQ+ history with the upcoming Dekkoo-original series Historical Homos!

A brand-new Dekkoo-original video podcast series from Executive Producer Zachary Quinto, Historical Homos is a no-fucks-given guide to LGBTQ+ history! Hosts Donal Brophy and Sebastian Hendra are proud to introduce you to some of the gayest stories never told.

Buckle up for one of the most infamous-and lesser-known-gay couples in Greek mythology: Zeus and Ganymede, originators of the divine Daddy-Twink dichotomy. In Episode 1 of Historical Homos, we’ll discover what these myths tell us about ancient Greek homosexuality and how they provided much-needed PR for the complex reality between mortal sheets.

Episode Two tells the unbelievably wild and weird life story of the Chevalier d’√Čon, transgender spy, soldier and sleuth of the Enlightenment. Assigned male at birth, Charles eventually transitioned to become Charlotte, before discovering the humiliating constraints of life as an 18th century woman.

William Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe were both brilliant dramatists… and maybe bisexual? In Episode Three, we unpack the rumors, the hearsay and the straight-up gay poems that suggest these titans of English literature were also ridiculously good-looking… and gay.

Finally, Episode 4 offers up a review of the life and loves of Virginia Woolf. We dive deep into her affair with Vita Sackville-West, leading London lesbian of her day, and relive the parties thrown by the Bloomsbury Set, a group of young Modernists who continued the British tradition of plumbing the nation’s bottomless depths of homosexuality. (Or should we say bottom-full?)

The first episode of Historical Homos drops on June 9th with new episodes coming each week throughout the month of June!

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