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The premiere streaming service dedicated to gay men is now available to follow on the premiere social platform for sharing your taste in film! You can now catch up on all the latest Dekkoo news and offerings on Letterboxd.

A free social media service, Letterboxd is a paradise for movie lovers. You can keep a watchlist of the films you want to see, rate and review movies, make lists, read other user reviews, keep a diary that perfectly encapsulates your viewing habits and tastes and so much more. Their database is also incredibly well-organized and categorized, making it easier than ever to find the kind of content you most want to see.

Best of all, you can now follow and connect with Dekkoo directly! We’ll keep you up to date on the newest and most popular films streaming on the service. We’ll also share stories from our blog and let you know about any new gay films that should be on your radar.

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