Now Available: August

Writer-director Eldar Rapaport follows up a string of acclaimed short films (Steam, Postmortem) with this sexy and thought-provoking feature-length debut. August puts creative spin on the classic love triangle story.

Adrian Gonzalez in August

At the start of the film, Jonathan (Daniel Dugan) and Raul (Adrian Gonzalez) form what appears to be a happy couple in L.A. However, Jonathan retains his own apartment and has an air of the unresolved adolescence about him. Raul, an Argentine immigrant in a green card marriage, is the more grounded of the pair and holds a job as a bartender as he awaits his final work papers. Troy (“Looking” star Murray Bartlett), after spending a few years in Spain, forms the third corner of the triangle when he returns to the City of Angels. Troy is trouble: he’s the man who broke Jonathan’s heart and, we soon learn, is still in Jonathan’s blood.

Daniel Dugan in August

Using time jumps, creative editing and a lack of black and white answers, Rapaport represents the story realistically: full of difficult decisions, broken hearts, memories that flash into our consciousness, and the knowledge that true love is out there somewhere.

Still from August by director Eldar Rapaport

Watch the trailer for August below. The film is now available on Dekkoo.

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