Two men. A small town. A love that isn’t quite out of reach.

In Pit Stop, a perfectly-crafted American drama, openly gay Ernesto (Marcus DeAnda) and closeted Gabe (Bill Heck) grapple with the sad tribulations of being gay in a small, working-class Texas town. This truly uplifting love story, given great critical praise when it first premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, delicately examines male intimacy, the heartache of unsuccessful relationships and the transformative power of love.

Marcus DeAnda and Bill Heck in Pit Stop

“I need to get on with my life,” Ernesto pronounces as he kicks out live-in ex-boyfriend Luis. Macho yet sensitive, Ernesto still carries a hopeless torch for his other ex-lover, Martin. Meanwhile, down-to-earth building contractor Gabe seeks solace with his ex-wife and six year-old daughter while pining over the loss of his relationship with Chuck. Trying to find connection amidst formidable loneliness – this is the story of Ernesto and Gabe.

Bill Heck and Amy Seimetz in Pit Stop

Reminiscent of such classic rural gay love stories as Big Eden and Brokeback Mountain – and showcasing equally accomplished performances from its handsome leads – Pit Stop achieves an understated tone of authenticity rarely seen on screen as it shows us a tender, beautiful slice of gay American life.

Marcus DeAnda in Pit Stop

Watch the trailer for Pit Stop below. The film is now available on Dekkoo.

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