Short Film Spotlight: Michael Joseph Jason John

The lonely man who lives in apartment #8 picks up a charming stranger on the New York City subway. The two spend a passionate, heartfelt night together. #8, though, is woefully unaware that not everything is as it seems… and he may be in grave danger.

Eric Robledo and Scott T. Hinson in Michael Joseph Jason John

Blurring the lines between reality and fantasy, the sexy and suspenseful ten-minute “romantic thriller” Michael Joseph Jason John explores the emotional aftermath of a one-night stand (and the inherent risks of hook-up culture). The film was written and directed by Scott T. Hinson, who also stars.

Eric Robledo and Scott T. Hinson in Michael Joseph Jason John

“One night stands have always fascinated me,” said Hinson. “Sometimes you make a connection with your partner and have a really good time, sometimes it’s just a ‘meh’ experience and sometimes it’s a nightmare and you can’t wait for him to get the hell out of your house.”

Eric Robledo and Scott T. Hinson in Michael Joseph Jason John

“But one thing is always the same. The light of morning will arrive bringing with it question after question – and that often unshakable emotional residue. Who was he? I felt a connection, did he feel it too? Will he call? Is he thinking of me? Could there be a future for the two of us? Is he the one that’s going to kill me and shove me under the bed? Dealing with these questions and morning-after feelings are what I wanted to explore while making Michael Joseph Jason John.”

Original Poster for Michael Joseph Jason John

Michael Joseph Jason John is now streaming on Dekkoo.


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