Now Available: Whirlwind

A smart and sexy story about the complexity of gay relationships, Whirlwind is a touching, funny ensemble film exploring non-monogamy, commitment, friendship, getting older and more from Richard LeMay, the director of 200 American.


Set in New York City, the story centers on a tight knit group of gay men. At first they appear to have it all. They are funny, good looking and successful, but soon a handsome stranger enters into their group and everything changes.


Drake (David Rudd) is young, hot and charming, but he has ulterior motives. What starts out with Drake adding some excitement to the routine of this circle of friends quickly begins to spiral out of control.


Both touching and funny, this story follows the wake of one person’s deliberate attempt to destroy the relationships of five men, all the while letting his own friendships unravel around him.


Written by Emmy Award-winning creator Jason Brown and starring some of the most talented actors in New York with credits including Broadway hits such as A Chorus Line, Rent, Hairspray and Wicked, Whirlwind is a surprisingly subtle and honest depiction of thirty-something gay men and the crossroads they must face.


Whirlwind is now available on Dekkoo.


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