Dekkoo offers up three special Halloween treats!

Every Wednesday, Dekkoo adds a new short film for your viewing pleasure. On October 30th, however, we will be offering up THREE extra-special seasonal treats to get you in the Halloween spirit!

You can check out some info from each of the films below and make sure to visit Dekkoo on October 30th to start bingeing these brand-new Halloween-ready shorts!


Ben Baur in A Halloween Trick - A Dekkoo Original Film

A Halloween Trick

When an oversexed party boy (Ben Baur) finds himself at odds with his stressed-out and sleep-deprived neighbor (Tiffany Shepis) in the days leading up to Halloween, he discovers that their miscommunication may have deadly consequences when he accidentally invites the wrong man home for the night.

A Dekkoo Original, this 13-minute short, writer-director Michael Varrati uses humor, horror and a killer ‘80s/John Carpenter-inspired soundtrack to tell a modern gay variation on “The Boy Who Cried Wolf.”

Leads Ben Baur and Tiffany Shepis have a terrific, easy chemistry – even when they’re being extremely bitchy to one another. This is A Halloween Trick you won’t soon forget.


Joshua Tonks and Jay Clift in The Latent Image

The Latent Image

Art imitates life and vice versa in The Latent Image, a tense 21-minute short from co-writer-director Alexander Birrell.

A young writer (Joshua Tonks) retreats to an isolated cabin to work on a mystery thriller. One night, a mysterious stranger (Jay Clift) arrives at his door needing help. Has he found the perfect inspiration for his story or is he about to find his darkest fantasies coming to life?

Featuring terrific performances from the two leads, there’s some delicious ambiguity in The Latent Image. Not only are we never fully sure if this alluring stranger is a real-life danger or a figment of the writer’s imagination, but every scene feels like it could turn into a psycho-thriller or softcore erotica at any given moment.


The More the Scarier logo from director Brandon KirbyAntoine Perry and Clint Keller in The More the Scarier

The More the Scarier

What happens when a horny ghost haunts your apartment? That’s the question posed by The More the Scarier, a new 5-minute short from Brandon Kirby, the creator of the Dekkoo Original Series I’m Fine.

Looking for a little action, an attractive young gay man (Velizar Ionikov) takes to Grindr and invites over a kink-friendly date (Antoine Perry). In all the excitement, however, he hasn’t noticed the strange things happening around his apartment – signs of another horny participant from a different realm (Clint Keller).

Shooting in black and white, Kirby adds an audio track to the proceedings that makes it feel as if his short is playing out in front of a live studio audience. The mix of dark visuals, sexual subject matter and cheesy sitcom tropes gives The More the Scarier an uneasy feeling even before the blood starts flying.

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