Coming Soon To Dekkoo: Khata

A harrowing story of budding love through the dangers of male prostitution.

Young Kamal is trapped in a seemingly endless circle of male prostitution fueled by his brother Hatim and pimp Danny. After weeks of few jobs and low revenue, Kamal accepts a call from Jacob. Hatim soon begins to feel an attraction towards Jacob, and what once was simply business now has become so much more. Hatim must now try to escape his world of blackmail and danger while trying to pursue a budding relationship with Jacob.

Khata never shies away from showing the gritty details of male prostitution. The audience is forced to bear witness to violence, drug use, and a particularly violent depiction of sexual assault. The film lays everything bare and forces it’s audience to confront the sometimes violent word of sex work head on.

The film is elevated by a stellar lead performance by Akram Tanna. Tanna is able to convey feelings of conflict and confusion when the line between business and pleasure begins to blur, and delivers bursts of rage during the film’s emotional climax.

Khata arrives on Dekkoo August 26!

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