A new short-form comedy series celebrates the power of drag

Starring Prescott Seymour (also known by their famed drag persona “Sutton Lee Seymour”) and writer/creator John Wascavage as the series leads, What a Drag is a brand-new comedy web series available now on Dekkoo! A short form digital series, the first season features seven episodes, all five to eight minutes in length.

What A Drag follows Preston (Seymour), a brassy drag queen, and Ben (Wascavage), an on-again-off-again actor, as they navigate the insane she-nanigans life throws at them.

From makeup mishaps, to dating nightmarish social media influencers, to a blindsiding medical diagnosis, these two queens make lemon-drop-martinis out of lemons as they untuck the power of found family.

Based on true events, the comedic series explores the power of the art form of drag within the queer community. In a time when drag has never been more mainstream, What A Drag peels back the curtain and focuses in on one of drag’s most magical aspects: its ability to transcend.

Watch the trailer for What a Drag below. The full first season is available now on Dekkoo.

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