Pushing Dead finds genuine humor in a deadly serious subject

Dan (“Psych” star James Roday) has been living with HIV for the past 22 years. He’s got his $3,000-a-month pill regimen down like clockwork, but when he deposits a $100 birthday check, he suddenly finds that he’s $70 over the financial assistance limit and no longer qualifies for his regular healthcare plan. Now he has to scramble to get his life together… or risk losing it.

Co-starring heavy hitters like Danny Glover, Khandi Alexander and “Deadwood” and “Big Little Lies” star Robin Weigert, the savagely dark new comedy Pushing Dead tackles seriously weighty topics and tenderness and humor. Writer-director Tom E. Brown recognizes the inherent absurdity of our current health care predicament and exploits it for laughs while never selling short his characters or their circumstances.

Watch the trailer for Pushing Dead below and catch the full film now on Dekkoo.

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