Now Available: From Zero to I Love You

In the crowd-pleasing new romantic drama From Zero to I Love You, Noah’s Arc and Boy Culture-star Darryl Stephens plays Pete, a gay man who has played the field for years, avoiding commitment by hooking up with exclusively with married men. Enter handsome model Jack (Scott Bailey of Guiding Light and Prayers for Bobby) who is fifteen years into a seemingly perfect marriage with an enviable wife and two kids.

When Jack and Pete hook up, both assume it’s going to be a one-time-only thing. But an overwhelming desire for a return tryst leads to more down-low action. Suddenly Pete begins to realize that in addition to the incredible sex, he is developing very strong feelings for this new married man. Is it possible that the commitment-phobic Pete and Jack, his supposedly straight lover who has a lot of baggage, will find a future together?

The off the charts chemistry between the two leads adds authenticity to this deeply satisfying obstacle-filled romance. Written and directed by Doug Spearman, the same filmmaker behind the hit 2013 gay action-comedy Hot Guys with Guns, From Zero to I Love You has been a massive hit at film festivals all around the globe.

Watch the trailer for From Zero to I Love You below. The film is now available on Dekkoo.

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