The power of music influences an intense male love triangle in The Accompanist

A troubled ballet star seeking a comeback finds his salvation in a piano accompanist who can shape shift time with his music and take people back to “where they need to be healed the most.” When the ballet dancer’s boyfriend sees the attraction between dancer and pianist, an all out war ensues to see whose love will win out.

Jason works as a piano accompanist at a local ballet studio. He is suffering from memories of a tragic car accident, and is dealing with his wife, Karen, who after moving out, is pushing for a divorce. Although his children are supportive, Jason is depressed over the fracturing of the family.

At the ballet studio, he meets troubled star Brandon, who is looking for a comeback. The attraction is palpable. Brandon is impressed by Jason’s “magic” music that somehow captivates the dancers at the studio and allows them to dance with added grace and elegance. However, Brandon’s off-again, on-again boyfriend, Adam, who is also a dancer at the studio, is insanely jealous of the attraction evident between Brandon and Jason.

Jason and Brandon begin working together at night at the studio to prepare him for upcoming auditions. Brandon learns more about Jason’s special powers to send people back in time with his piano music to “where they need to be healed the most.” As the love triangle plays out between Jason, Brandon and Adam, the lines between eroticism and violence become blurred. Unexpected events unfold where the surreal combines with the magical power of music, transforming all of their lives in the process.

Watch the trailer for The Accompanist below. The film is now streaming on Dekkoo.

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