Short Film Spotlight: Mass

Trey (played by writer-director Linus Ignatius) finds that his body dysmorphia is compounded by the fact that he is HIV-positive, and pretty freshly diagnosed. A perfect storm of “I am not enough” feelings soon hits him, leading to a particularly dark stretch. 

At night, he invites a macho, joyless man over to take advantage of him in the bedroom, and we see how Trey, in his self-loathing, brings people into his life who abuse him and reinforce his role as the victim. 

It also seems that everybody around him is bigger and manlier than he is. So he chokes down his protein shakes, does his best to keep up with the muscle builders at the gym, and chows down burgers. And soon there seems to be a happy ending in sight. As the next day dawns, and Trey continues on his bulking-up progress, he finds himself one pound heavier – and stronger – than the day before.

A thought-provoking short film about feeling small and getting BIG, Mass announces writer-director-star Linus Ignatius as a talent to watch.

Watch the trailer for Mass below. The full 10-minute short film is available now on Dekkoo.

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