Don’t miss the charming new “anti-romantic comedy” Stone Fruit

“I had been wanting to write a film with my friend Robert Andrew Perez… we came up with a general concept after watching Andrew Haigh’s movie Weekend. We were also really inspired by Richard Linklater’s Before trilogy. We wanted to make a movie that kind of jumped ahead in terms of gay storytelling – get past the marriage, and look at now. What happens when a gay marriage, a gay relationship, falls apart – because its sort of been normalized now since marriage equality passed.” – Stone Fruit director Brandon Krajewski

When long-term couple Manny and Russ (Matt Palazzolo and Rob Warner) decide to call their marriage quits and get a divorce, they also – quite strangely – decide to celebrate the occasion together. The pair head to the Central Coast of California for some wine, sun… and more wine! When Byron (Thomas Hobson), their close friend, joins up with them, an unexpected threesome ensues and the trip becomes the post-divorce party to end all post-divorce parties.

Stone Fruit is a witty, sharply-written new film that gives freshness to the classic break-up movie by bringing in a queer perspective and exploring the complicated similarities that many couples, both queer and straight, face throughout their love stories. It’s a charming new “anti-romantic comedy.”

Watch the trailer for Stone Fruit below. The film is now available on Dekkoo.

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