Now Available: Truth

In the vein of Misery and Fatal Attraction, writer-director-star Rob Moretti’s Truth is a psychological thriller about an innocent love affair that goes wildly off the rails. Sean Paul Lockhart (known in the adult film world as Brent Corrigan) co-stars alongside Moretti in a role that perfectly highlights his acting chops.

Truth opens with an imprisoned man – befuddled, but claiming innocence – who is being interviewed by a therapist. Soon, the story of how he got there unfolds. A chance internet encounter brings the cute, affable Caleb (Lockhart) and the hunky, older Jeremy (Moretti) together. Jeremy seduces the vulnerable young man with compliments, attention and above all, the promise of a secure and loving relationship.

Caleb, mentally abused as a child by his emotionally erratic mother and now wary of relationships in general, succumbs to Jeremy’s advances and a sensual affair begins. But beneath Caleb’s shy smile and innocent eyes lies a troubled young man – and Jeremy harbors his own dark secrets and lies which, together, threaten the relationship. This budding romance soon triggers an unexpected chain of events as trust is violated, tempers unleashed and the destructive side of love takes over.

Lockhart is terrific in a demanding role that exposes the hidden demons buried deep inside each and every one of us.

Watch the trailer for Truth below. The film is available now on Dekkoo.

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