Short Film Spotlight: GUO4

A confrontation between two swimmers in a locker room ends in tears in the experimental short film/pseudo-music video GUO4.

The film is directed by Peter Strickland, the acclaimed British filmmaker behind Berberian Sound Studio, The Duke of Burgundy, In Fabric and the upcoming Flux Gourmet. Using only still frames and the sounds of avant-garde music duo GUO, the film depicts an act of male aggression that can’t help but double as a homoerotic wrestling match.

“The framing of traditionally macho scenarios in a homoerotic context takes its cues from the covert porn of Bob Mizer,” said Strickland. “With his films in mind, I wanted to make something arousing that could be disguised as a morality tale about the impudence of ‘manspreading’ in locker rooms. The combination of muscle and beat-up lockers somehow evoked the music in my mind.”

GUO is the duo of guitarist and singer Daniel Blumberg and saxophonist Seymour Wright. Both use heavy distortion and extreme amplification which is later processed and manipulated with metal cassettes to create a multi-layered, lacquered object of sinister, fizzing, metallic beauty.

Check out the poster for GUO4 below. The film is available now on Dekkoo.

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