Short Film Spotlight: Let’s Meet Again at the End of the World

Breaking up is hard to do, but sometimes it’s the right thing to do. The stylish new twelve-minute short film Let’s Meet Again at the End of the World puts that notion on full display. Todd Flaherty, the film’s writer and director, also stars as Adam, a hopeless romantic who is trying to shake off the after-effects of a recently-ended codependent relationship.

Starting fresh, he takes himself on a seaside vacation, but soon runs into his ex-boyfriend Ben, played by Joey Taranto. Finding Ben hard to resist, Adam dives right back into the relationship, entangling himself in a passionate week-long romance. But as old patterns reemerge, Adam must decide whether to keep their flame alive or break free from the tumultuous affair once and for all.

A graduate of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, Flaherty has worked extensively as a theater actor off-Broadway and regionally. He made his filmmaking debut with the series Undetectable which he created, wrote and co-directed. The show also earned him Indie Series Awards for Best Writing and Best Lead Actor in a Drama. Let’s Meet Again at the End of the World further marks him as a talent to watch.

Unfolding in a non-linear structure, using voiceover to convey deeper emotions through metaphor, the film will resonate with anyone who has had trouble freeing themselves from a relationship that just isn’t working.

Let’s Meet at the End of the World is available now on Dekkoo. You can also find the full first season of Undetectable to dig into Flaherty’s previous work. He’s currently working on his feature-length debut.

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