Spend 4 Days in France

Writer/director Jérôme Reybaud’s remarkably accomplished feature debut 4 Days in France is a sly and sophisticated take on gay romance in the 21st century.

Still from 4 Days in France

On a seemingly ordinary night in Paris, Pierre (Pascal Cervo) takes one last look his lover Paul’s sleeping body, then steals away into the early morning light. Where he’s headed, neither of them know. Pierre’s only guide is his Grindr app, which leads him on a series of encounters with an indelible cast of characters across the French countryside. Upon realizing that his lover is gone, Paul (Arthur Igual) sets out after him, using his own phone to track Pierre’s movements in a strange and wonderful game of Grindr cat-and-mouse.

Still from 4 Days in France

4 Days in France earned ecstatic reviews from critics when it was released in a limited theatrical run last year. Slant Magazine called it “A kind of ode to cruising writ large,” and said “There’s something endearing, if not uncanny, about the way the film evokes universal truths about erotic wandering.”

Still from 4 Days in France

Watch the trailer for 4 Days in France below. The film is now streaming on Dekkoo.

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