Short Film Spotlight: Ultra Bleu

Stylish and sexy, the 20-minute short film Ultra Bleu follows a young man in a love life-related crisis.

Writer-director-star Nick Neon in Ultra Bleu

After a rough confrontation with his cheating ex-boyfriend, Jim (writer-director Nick Neon) comes to think that he’ll never find the love life he’s looking for – especially not through dating apps. Just when he’s ready to throw it all away, he has a chance encounter that gives him a new perspective on romance and life itself.

Writer-director-star Nick Neon in Ultra Bleu

Ultra Bleu writer-director-star Nick Neon is a (devastatingly handsome and exceptionally talented) half-Korean American actor, writer and director from New York City. After directing his feature-length debut, Fear Eats the Seoul in 2011, Neon co-founded the Seoul-based production company NYK Media Group. He also served as Creative Director at Roll the Dice Pictures, where he directed several K-Indie music videos for artists such as Love X Stereo, Henry Bloomfield and Kite Flying Robot. Ultra Bleu marks his return to narrative filmmaking – he’s also working on expanding the short into a feature length film.

Writer-director-star Nick Neon in Ultra Bleu

Check out the trailer for Ultra Bleu below. The film is now available on Dekkoo!


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