Short Film Spotlight: Vertical Lines

Dave and Andrew reach a new level of closeness in their relationship when they share their personal experiences with self-harm. An intimate conversational piece inspired by true events, Vertical Lines explores the path forward from personal trauma.

Vertical Lines co-stars and was directed by Kyle Reaume. An award winning Toronto-based director, writer, actor, and picture editor, Reaume is a graduate of the Toronto Film School. His student short film The Lazarus Files took home Best Picture, Best Producer, Best Editor and Best Production Design at TFS Fest and his collective shorts have screened in over 60 film festivals worldwide. In additional to Vertical Lines, you can see his films What About Shelley, Battle Cry and Ecstasy on Dekkoo now.

Reaume’s co-star in the film is writer-director-actor Nick Neon. His films Ultra Blue, The Definition of Lonely and Zero One are also available on Dekkoo right now.

Vertical Lines won the “Best Men’s Short” Audience Award at the Wicked Queer 2018 Film Festival. It also took home the “Best Screenplay” prize at the 2019 Future of Film Showcase.

Vertical Lines is available now on Dekkoo.



Short Film Spotlight: Ultra Bleu

Stylish and sexy, the 20-minute short film Ultra Bleu follows a young man in a love life-related crisis.

Writer-director-star Nick Neon in Ultra Bleu

After a rough confrontation with his cheating ex-boyfriend, Jim (writer-director Nick Neon) comes to think that he’ll never find the love life he’s looking for – especially not through dating apps. Just when he’s ready to throw it all away, he has a chance encounter that gives him a new perspective on romance and life itself.

Writer-director-star Nick Neon in Ultra Bleu

Ultra Bleu writer-director-star Nick Neon is a (devastatingly handsome and exceptionally talented) half-Korean American actor, writer and director from New York City. After directing his feature-length debut, Fear Eats the Seoul in 2011, Neon co-founded the Seoul-based production company NYK Media Group. He also served as Creative Director at Roll the Dice Pictures, where he directed several K-Indie music videos for artists such as Love X Stereo, Henry Bloomfield and Kite Flying Robot. Ultra Bleu marks his return to narrative filmmaking – he’s also working on expanding the short into a feature length film.

Writer-director-star Nick Neon in Ultra Bleu

Check out the trailer for Ultra Bleu below. The film is now available on Dekkoo!