It only takes four minutes and forty-two seconds to reach Ecstasy

He would do anything to be touched by his former lover once more… ANYTHING.

Writer-director-star Kyle Reaume’s four minute and forty-two second short film Ecstasy is an exploration of the coalescence of love and violence. Playing out in slow motion, with no discernible dialog, the film introduces us to an attractive young man (Justin Miller) sitting alone at the bar. Across from him, he spots an old flame (Harrison Reynolds). Though we know pretty much nothing about their relationship, it’s safe to assume that things didn’t end well.

Reaume juxtaposes one of the couple’s happiest moments with the immensely queasy confrontation that is about to unfold. Ecstasy packs a powerful punch (quite literally) into a very short run time.

You can watch Ecstasy now on Dekkoo and make sure to check out Kyle Reaume’s other available short film, What About Shelley, while you’re at it!

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Short Film Spotlight: What About Shelley

Shelley and Billy (Alyssa Owsiany and writer-director Kyle Reaume) are best friends, but their friendship is greatly tested when Shelley’s boyfriend, Adam (Daniel Kelly), secretly comes out to Billy… the only other gay man he knows.


A stylish, smart and funny 12-minute short film, What About Shelley was funded through the inaugural Inside Out BravoFACT Pitch Competition, a $50,000 prize awarded to director/star Kyle Reaume by the Inside Out LGBT Film Festival and BravoFACT.


What About Shelley premiered at Inside Out and went on to screen at eighteen different film festivals worldwide. You can watch the full short now at Dekkoo!

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