Futuro Beach is a unique cross-continental gay romance

A cross-continental drama from acclaimed director Karim Ainouz (Madame Satã, Love for Sale), Futuro Beach tells the story of a two men who go to great lengths to stay together.

Donato (“Narcos” star Wagner Moura), a Brazilian lifeguard, and Konrad (Clemens Schick), a German soldier, don’t meet under the best circumstances. While visiting the titular Futuro Beach during a vacation in Brazil, Konrad’s travel buddy, a fellow soldier, drowns. Despire his best effort, Donato was unable to save him. Devastated by this turn of events, the two men find comfort in one another’s arms. Thus begins a passionate sexual affair.

Both men are hyper-masculine. At first, their borderline-violent love-making seems almost like a challenge to see who has higher testosterone levels. As the two spend more time together, though, they begin to drop their respective guards and true romance blossoms. But, Konrad has already established a life in Berlin. Donato has a younger brother, Ayrton (played as a child by Savio Ygor Ramos and as a young adult by Jesuíta Barbosa), that idolizes him and needs to be looked after in Brazil. If the pair wishes to start a real relationship, one of them is going to end up abandoning people they love in the process.

We don’t want to give away much more than that. With a slow pace, a long running time and a story that stretches over the course of many years and shifts focus between characters, it isn’t always easy to predict where Futuro Beach is going. That is one of the film’s many assets.

Watch the trailer for Futuro Beach below. The film is now available on Dekkoo.

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