The founders of CockyBoys move in front of the camera for the new docu-series Meet the Morecocks

In July of 2012, burgeoning art-house porn studio CockyBoys was pushed to the forefront of the mainstream when its trio of owners/boyfriends – 25-year-old tech wiz Benny Morecock, CEO and filmmaker Jake Jaxson, and cinematographer RJ Sebastian — were profiled in New York Magazine’s Sex Issue.

Nearly four years later, the eponymous ‘throuple’ (as they’ve been dubbed by the media) are now putting themselves in front of the camera for a behind-the-scenes look at their personal and professional lives running the studio, interacting with their cult following of porn-loving fans, and navigating their often erratic relationships with their exclusively-signed models.

In the pilot episode of Meet the Morecocks, an eight-part documentary series, you’ll travel across Europe with Ben, Jason, and Adrian (their real names) as they promote their photo book, ‘A Thing of Beauty,’ with the help of three of their most popular CockyBoys models: the wildly outspoken Jake Bass, the calm and quirky Levi Karter and the subdued George Alvin )as he faces difficulties riding the coattails of a porn career he’s since transitioned away from).

An eye-opening glimpse into the realities of contemporary gay adult film, Meet the Morecocks exposes a unique business subculture where unmet expectations of leisure can often lead to life-changing consequences.

Meet the Morecocks is available now on Dekkoo!

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