Short Film Spotlight: My Loneliness is Killing Me

Proudly colorful femme Elliott (Luke Elliott) always appears to be the life of the party. But behind the make-up, he struggles in his search for sexual intimacy. When he manages to lure the animalistic Jack (Jamie Robson) back to his apartment for a late-night hook-up, he unexpectedly unearths a dark emotional connection.

Touching on the hot topics of hook-up culture and toxic masculinity, My Loneliness is Killing Me explores loneliness and division among gay and queer communities against a cold, neon metropolis.

Written by Michael Lee Richardson and directed by Tim Courtney, both Glasgow natives, My Loneliness is Killing Me is a dark, 17-minute short film that should connect with anyone afraid of living or dying without intimacy.

“What drew me to the project were the characters and the story’s commentary on modern issues,” said director Courtney.

“We have a character in Jack, who is openly gay, married and so ‘masculine’ he is almost homophobic. He’s a walking contradiction, a byproduct of toxic masculinity. He is someone who has married out of status and social obligation, and not necessarily for love. Elliott, on the other hand, is the polar opposite. Someone who embraces his ‘Queer’ identity. However, he is a victim to the new breed of homosexual men like Jack. Someone who feels left behind by his community in a world where being feminine is deemed ugly and unworthy.”

“Both men appeal to my obsession for complex characters who are dealing with their own differing experiences of loneliness, in their own conflicting ways.”

Watch a short trailer for My Loneliness is Killing Me below. The film is now available on Dekkoo.

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