Coming Soon To Dekkoo: Postcards From London

After leaving his parents in small town Essex, young but naive Jim heads to big city Soho to pursue big dreams of arts and education. Things don’t exactly go according to plan for Jim, we find him asleep in a grimey alleyway and robbed blind.

After aimlessly walking the Soho streets, Jim finds himself in the company of a group of male prostitutes specializing in post sexual conversation, calling themselves “The Raconteurs”. Jim is quickly thrown into an incredibly stylized world of London sex work and self discovery.

Postcards from London is a visually stunning ride. The film has an incredibly unique tone and visual style showcasing moody and atmospheric sets with bright pops of color. Contributing to the film’s style is the impeccable fashion worn by the film’s characters. The Raconteurs themselves sport incredible ensemble outfits that make the world of the film feel unique and alive.

Art also plays a large role in Jim’s story. Many famous paintings become topics of post coital conversation and paintings are even recreated by the cast during several dream sequences. These dreams are highlights of the film, providing an opportunity for some truly stunning imagery.

You find Postcards From London streaming on Dekkoo soon.

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