Now Available: Thicker Than Water

Longtime best friends Joaquín (played by writer-director Benjamín Cardona) and Carol (Isabel Arraiza) are engaged in a deeply codependent relationship. Both of these young friends find themselves trapped, lacking a clear vision of where their lives are headed.

While Joaquín’s sexuality drives a wedge between himself and his conservative family, Carol juggles multiple unfruitful relationships that keep her caught inside a stagnant loop.

Realizing that his perception of love has been greatly affected by his broken upbringing, Joaquín struggles to finally move forward, delicately balancing his tried-and-true connection with Carol against the arrival of a new romantic partner. He’s soon forced to question all of his expectations of happiness in the process.

A stylish, bittersweet and refreshingly honest examination of friendship and personal evolution, Thicker Than Water (originally titled Más que el agua) marks the arrival of a major talent in writer-director-star Benjamín Cardona.

Watch the trailer for Thicker Than Water below. The film is available to stream now on Dekkoo.

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