New This Week – 1/28/22

Jin Woo lives a simple country life, spending his days working on a local farm and keeping a watchful eye on his adventurous young daughter. When his city-dwelling lover comes to visit, Jin Woo starts to envision their future as a family before the surprise arrival of his twin sister threatens to complicate his dream. ‘A Distant Place’ is now available to stream on Dekkoo.

Director Serena Porcher-Carli creates a cozy and intimate atmosphere to draw a short documentary portrait of Enzo, a young transgender boy who tells us the extraordinary story of his life so far. Watch the short film ‘Enzo’ now on Dekkoo!

In this intimate and innovative film about artist David Hockney, director Jack Hazan creates an improvisatory narrative-nonfiction hybrid. The result is at once a time capsule of hedonistic gay life in the 1970s and an honest-yet-tender depiction of gay male romance. A true classic, ‘A Bigger Splash’ is an invaluable view of art history in action. ‘A Bigger Splash’ is streaming now on Dekkoo!


Coming next week: In a high-rise apartment in Paris, four men and one woman gather to share their experiences of a man with whom they have all been either romantically or sexually involved.

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