A gay couple find their quiet family life upended in the South Korean drama A Distant Place

A rural sheep farmer’s quiet life in South Korea is disrupted by surprise visits from his lover and twin sister in A Distant Place, the second feature from promising director Park Kun-Young.

Having settled down on a sheep ranch in Hwacheon five years prior, Jin-woo has been raising his niece Seol as if she were his own daughter – all along with the help of his same-sex partner Hyun-min.

One day, Jin-woo’s twin sister Eun-young, who is Seol’s birth mother, turns up at their doorstep and insists on taking Seol with her.

As Jin-woo hesitates to send Seol away with Eun-young, she, in a moment of anger, discloses his relationship with Hyun-min in front of their neighbors – revealing a truth they wished to keep secret.

A gorgeous, contemplative family drama full of surprises, A Distant Place marks Park Kun-Young as an up-and-coming auteur to keep an eye on.

Watch the trailer for A Distant Place below. The film is available now on Dekkoo.

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