Short Film Spotlight: Mindf*ck

With the opening line “Drop your trousers,” French writer-director-actor Pierre Scot’s six-minute exercise in suggestive suspense is off to the races.

Mindf*ck is a short psychological comedy-thriller which manages to do a whole lot with a limited running time. The film follows a television journalist who meets a dominant man on a fetish-oriented dating app.

Blindfolded and cuffed to a chair, he’s unexpectedly left alone… and that’s when his mind starts racing. Who is this man he’s only just met and what are his true intentions? If he’s discovered in such a vulnerable state, what will it mean for his career? And, most importantly, what could possibly be inside the deeply mysterious tupperware container his seductive captor has left behind on the kitchen counter?

Without spoiling too much, allow us to offer an important warning to any/all arachnophobes: steer very clear of this short! (And the clip below.)

Watch a short clip from Mindf*ck below. The film is now available on Dekkoo.

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