Short Film Spotlight: To (10) Centimeters

When Christophe (Otman Salil), a soft-spoken violinist studying at a music conservatory, moves in with Jerome (Thomas Alden), his almost instant attraction to the young and handsome up-and-coming journalist is palpable.

Unfortunately for Christophe, Jerome is seemingly straight. When he also learns that Jerome has a girlfriend (Océane Dailly), any romantic hopes he had are quickly dashed. His infatuation, however, grows deeper. He borrows Jerome’s clothes and even crosses a line while he’s sleeping.

Facing agonizing longing, their new living arrangement seems untenable. But before Christophe leaves for good, he devises an unusual way to tell Jerome how he really feels.

To (10) Centimeters, a new 25-minute short from Paris-based Japanese filmmaker Masaya Matsui, has style to spare and is packed with intriguing mystery. Watching the film, you’re never quite sure where your allegiance should lie. Is there a real simmering connection between the new roommates or is Christophe projecting and creating a gender-flipped Single White Female scenario? You’ll have to watch and decide for yourself.

Watch a short trailer for To (10) Centimeters below. The full film is available now on Dekkoo.

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