Short Film Spotlight: Rolling Around

On a family holiday in the mountains, Xavier (Florent Médina) is forced to go hiking with Fred (Thierry Préval), his big sister’s boyfriend, whom he does not seem to like very much.

During their multi-day hike, which Xavier’s sister sat out due to a sprained ankle, the two young men finally get to know each other – and like each other. They’re quickly growing bond becomes quite strong… until Xavier begins to develop feelings for Fred and makes an unexpected move.

Sensing a great tension and desire brewing beneath the surface, Xavier makes his case for why the two of them should take advantage of their alone time and express their true feelings. But does Fred really feel the same way? And is their blissful trip worth a secret family betrayal?

With gorgeous visuals and compelling performances, Thierry Préval – who pulls triple duty as the film’s writer, director and star – ratchets up the tension from the get-go. Rolling Around offers up a rich and deeply contemplative study of gay longing in just 22 minutes.

Watch a short trailer for Rolling Around below. The film is available now on Dekkoo.

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