All Episodes of the Dekkoo-Original Series Adam in Fragments are Now Available

Inspired by crime thrillers of the 1970s, Adam in Fragments is a gritty and provocative new drama series which conjures filmmakers like Stanley Kubrick, David Lynch and Steven Soderbergh to tell the story of one hustler’s odyssey.

After a prolonged disappearance, Adam, played by Beau Swartz, reluctantly returns to sex work. Following the urge to protect a young aspiring adult film star from their terrorizing handler, Adam’s actions trigger a series of events that send violent ripples through the Los Angeles underground sex-trade.

Featuring strong supporting performances, Adam in Fragments is the newest series from Omar Sales Zamora. You can check out his other work, such as the series Here Comes Your Man and Nothing But Flowers, now as well. Both are streaming on DekkooAdam in Fragments is also co-directed by Here Comes Your Man lead actor Calvin Picou.

In addition to the new show, you can also dive deeper into the making of Adam in Fragments. We also have an in-depth conversation with the filmmakers available now to our subscribers.

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