A closeted policeman tries to diffuse an anti-gay protest in the tense thriller Poppy Field

Planning to spend a romantic weekend with his long-distance boyfriend, Christi (Conrad Mericoffer) finds their tender reunion cut short when he is called in to handle a crisis at work. He and his unit are sent to quell a protest at a local movie theater, where a far-right group has interrupted the screening of a queer film.

As tensions between the homophobic protesters and the audience mount, Christi, closeted to his fellow officers, begins to spiral out of control when he spots a former fling in the crowd. When the incident turns violent, it threatens to expose Christi’s secret and forces him to confront the contradictions between his personal and professional life.

Based on true events, Poppy Field creates a poignant portrait of a man reconciling his professional and private identities. Director Eugen Jebeleanu builds a pressure cooker of emotions and subverts the conventional thriller format to arrive at deeper truths.

Watch the trailer for Poppy Field below. The full film is now available on Dekkoo. And if you want to dive into the true story further, the film 5 Minutes Too Late, which is based around the same real-life incident, is also streaming now.

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