Two former lovers reunite in paradise in the colorful new romance 8 Years

The debut feature of Spanish writer-director JD Alcázar, 8 Years is a sexy and bittersweet gay romance set against a gorgeous, sun-soaked tropical paradise.

Jose and David (Miguel Diosdado and Carlos Mestanza) were once deeply in love. For seven years, their romance grew and blossomed, through highs and lows – before they ultimately broke up.

Months later, haunted by memories of their past, the former couple visit the island of La Palma, where they originally met for the first time. Wanting to celebrate what would have been their eighth anniversary, they plan to explore new places together with the hopes of forging a friendship out of the dying embers of their old love.

But Jose and David didn’t expect the complicated emotions that would awaken between them throughout a journey full of enigmatic characters and sublime landscapes.

Watch the trailer for 8 Years below. The film is now available on Dekkoo.

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