Short Film Spotlight: Brothers

Filmed in both France and Russia in 2015, Brothers is an frenetically-paced dark comedy about one gay couple’s alarming and deeply absurd existential crisis.

When boyfriends Damien and Francois attend a brunch, they’re dismayed to learn that the host doesn’t think they look like a couple. Wondering what that could possibly mean, Francois begins to spiral.

When the pair take an impromptu sightseeing vacation to Moscow, they fear being persecuted for their sexuality and decide to tell people that they are brothers. When strangers begin informing them that they don’t look like brothers, Francois’s frantic emotions lead him down an increasingly dangerous path.

Directed with great pathos by Robert Ly, Brothers offers up a strange and bleakly funny cautionary tale about caring too much what other people think.

Brothers is now available on Dekkoo.