Don’t miss the deliciously sexy new Dekkoo-original series ‘We Will Never Die’

Sascha Weingarten stars in the brand-new Dekkoo-original series We Will Never Die as Philipp, a seductive, but dangerous criminal from Germany who catches the eye of an Italian tourist named Luca (Jacopo Garfagnoli) while vacationing on the Greek island of Rhodes.

What begins as an innocent encounter between the two ends up taking a sinister turn when Luca witnesses an illicit drug deal. A deadly game of cat and mouse is soon set in motion – continuing in Germany where more men are unexpectedly pulled into harm’s way.

A deliciously twisted new offering from the mind of prolific filmmaker Tor Iben (the German director behind films like The Visitor, Orpheus’ Song, The Passenger and The Year I Lost My Mind), We Will Never Die is a sexually-charged international gay action-thriller that will keep you guessing until the bitter end.

Watch the trailer for We Will Never Die below. The full five-episode first season is available now on Dekkoo.

Orpheus Song is a wildly erotic variation on Greek mythology

From prolific writer-director Tor Iben (The Visitor, The Passenger, The Year I Lost My Mind), Orpheus Song is a wildly erotic variation on Greek mythology that will quickly have you falling under its sensual spell.

Enis and Philipp (Julien Lickert and Sascha Weingarten) are two hot macho dudes from Berlin who become workout buddies at their local gym – each spotting the other. The two hunks quickly fall into an intense friendship. When Philipp wins a trip to Greece, he invites Enis along and the two have a great time. But during a hike, they become lost and tempers flare, escalating to a violent scuffle.

A mysterious young man, Hercules (Henry Morales), happens upon them and leads them to a magical underground cave. During the night, fueled by forbidden fruit Hercules has warned them against eating, passion ignites between Enis and Philipp. The next day, nothing between the two will ever be the same.

Watch the trailer for Orpheus Song below. The film is now available on Dekkoo.