Three friends come together for a revelatory weekend in the heartfelt dark comedy Miles from Nowhere

A new feature-length film from creative partners Jono Mitchell and Madison Hatfield, the prolific pair behind acclaimed, Dekkoo-favorite short films like Max, Making a Scene and Jenna Gets an Abortion, Miles from Nowhere is a moving comedy-drama about life, death and everything in between.

Miles (Seth Dunlap) is a young man coming to terms with a recent terminal cancer diagnosis. Looking to reconnect with Sammy and Victor (Shane Howell and Cristian Gonzalez), two formerly close friends with whom he’s grown distant, he sets up a weekend trip to his family’s remote cabin.

During their retreat, he aims to tell his pals about his diagnosis, make up for lost time and confront some of his past mistakes. When Sammy and Victor reveal a secret of their own, Miles learns that he may not know his friends as well as he thinks.

Bitingly funny, but equally and poignant, Miles from Nowhere examines the shifting nature of relationships, the price of silence and secrets, and the confusion – not clarity – that can overcome a person faced with the reality of their own death.

Watch the trailer for Miles from Nowhere below. The film is now streaming on Dekkoo.