Two slash fiction writers check their taboos at the door in the crowd-pleasing comedy Slash

In Slash, writer-director Clay Liford’s charming new comedy-of-age comedy, Michael Johnson stars as Neil, a high school kid who struggles to fit in with his peers.

Expressing himself through writing, his fantasies follow a sci-fi action hero named Vanguard. A character with a strong hold on Neil’s imagination, Vanguard travels to far off planets where his battles for justice often devolve into shirtless skirmishes that embrace same-sex entanglements.

Passionate about “Slash,” otherwise known as erotic fan fiction, Neil is ostracized at school but soon finds a kindred spirit in Julia, played by Hannah Marks. Julia is a fellow slasher who gets her kicks from “Fain Elven” fiction. Embracing Neil as her protégé of sorts, the duo explore an unusual writerly passion.

Soon, a Comic Con-bound journey of self-exploration has them checking all of their taboos at the door.

A true crowd-pleaser at film festivals all around the world, Slash is a winning exploration of teen angst, bisexuality, life, love… and erotic fiction.

Watch the trailer for Slash below. The film is now available on Dekkoo.