Meet the men behind some of the world’s hottest gay comics in the one-hour doc Drawn This Way

Drawn This Way is a one-hour documentary which dives into the pages of gay comic book characters and their creators.

In the studio, in the comic book shops, at the fan-crazed conventions and at home with the artists, author-actor-producer-director Charlie David finds out what it means to be a “Doorq,” how to come out of the closet as a HGN (hot gay nerd) and where our drawn adventures will take us next.

When did all this “g(art)” start? Is it a sexual turn-on? How did the artists get their start? What do their families and friends think? Is it pornography? Why the obsession with these fantastical stories and characters? Are they taken seriously in the mainstream comic world? All these questions and more are answered in this frank and fascinating new doc.

Watch the trailer for Drawn This Way below. The film is now available on Dekkoo.

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