New This Week – 12/24/21

Rural Argentina is not a happy place for Marcos, a gay teen with a fondness for women’s clothing and a mother determined to “set him straight.” Based on shocking true events, Marilyn is a nuanced story of oppression, prejudice, homophobia and a young man who is pushed to his limit and confronted with the impossibility of being true to himself. ‘Marilyn’ is available to stream now on Dekkoo!

A wildly inventive short film romance, ‘Plantonic’ follows the unique relationship that grows (literally) between a young aspiring artist and the incredibly attractive half-man/half-plant that seems to be growing in his garden. Stream ‘Plantonic’ now on Dekkoo!

This wildly popular comedy-mystery web series follows the exploit of three gay bear roommates living together in Los Angeles – as they attempt to solve the murder of a party guest that turns up dead in their bathtub. ‘Where the Bears Are’ is now available on Dekkoo!

During the summer of 2018, a young man goes to visit the place that brought all of his childhood memories to live. Once there, he says goodbye to this place, the person he used to be…and his first lover. ‘X As In Love’ is available now on Dekkoo!


Coming next week: A stunningly beautiful documentary that takes you aboard a cruise ship filled with gorgeous gay men.

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