Now Available: Coming Clean

From the heart of the Amazon comes Coming Clean, an amazing compilation of LGBTQ+ short films from emerging Latin American directors from Brazil and Peru. These thought-provoking stories prove that universal social themes have no borders.

In The Last Romantics, two young men share their different points of view on the same sexual encounter in a public space. Savage Fire takes place in the city of Cajamar, where lonely characters deal with the police, rodeos and some mysterious fires.

My Only Earth is the Moon follows Sergio, who answers thirty six questions on order to make his crush Gabriel fall in love. Sandra Calling is an emotional short about a man who is trying to grieve for his lost mother while dealing with all the practical things that need to happen in the wake of a parent’s death.

Finally, Carlito Leaves Forever, directed under the supervision of Werner Herzog, takes place in the heart of the Amazon jungle and follows a silent young man who sets out on an epic canoe trip. An encounter soon reveals a secret he had been hiding from his community.

Watch the trailer for Coming Clean below. The full compilation is now available on Dekkoo.

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