Don’t miss the hilarious and heartwarming new Dekkoo-Original Short Film Making a Scene

With numerous short films to their names, we have become big fans of collaborative filmmakers Jono Mitchell and Madison Hatfield. Their work is intelligent, heartfelt and unapologetically queer.

Colorful, funny and deeply heartfelt, the pair’s latest short, Making a Scene, is a winning comedy that follows the warm, possibly too-supportive relationship between an overeager teenager and his eccentric mother.

When it comes time to rehearse an extracurricular scene for drama class, mom Carol and son Sammy (Vanessa Aranegui and Mack Bayda) hope that they may get some answers about the sexuality of mysterious schoolboy crush Ryan Riddle (Johnathon Grogan). He’s cute, he drives a convertible, he had a mustache in eighth grade, he was assigned drama when the weightlifting class ended up full and… above all else… he’s a good actor! But does he reciprocate his smitten scene partner’s feelings?

Making a Scene is now available on Dekkoo. You can also check out Mitchell and Hatfield’s other short films MaxIf I’m Good and Thirty Candles – all of which are also currently streaming now on Dekkoo. We can’t recommend them more highly.

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