A popular teen romance series gets the feature-length film treatment with Gameboys: The Movie

Young love is is never smooth, but when you add the pandemic into it, problems seem to pop up at every turn. Based on the popular “Boys Love” series, Gameboys: The Movie follows the story of two young gamers turned lovers as they try desperately to keep their relationship alive despite myriad obstacles.

Cairo (Elijah Canlas) has moved in with Gavreel (Kokoy de Santos). As their relationship is in a new and uncertain phase, Cairo is hesitant to do anything physical… no matter how much Gavreel tries to initiate it.

As the boys try to make the best of the situation, Gavreel’s ex-boyfriend, Terrence, shows up. And then Cairo’s gaming buddy, Wesley. And then Gavreel’s conservative Aunt Susan insists on staying for a few days. While the quartet of lovesick boys enjoy their time cooped up with one another, they have to tiptoe around Aunt Susan’s intolerant ways.

After defying distance, nosy friends and family and even COVID, will the two boys be able to prove that their love for one another is strong enough to withstand fate and circumstance?

Watch the trailer for Gameboys: The Movie below. This sexy and heartfelt new romance is now available on Dekkoo.

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