Try My Brother’s Shoes on for size!

Directed by Adam Reeves, My Brother’s Shoes is a fish-out-of-water zany comedy that borders on fantasy and reality.

Dallas, portrayed by country singer Peter Stringfellow, is a successful executive with a beautiful wife (Gretta Sosine) and a lovely home. He has dreams of having a family and leading a rich, conservative life. Austin (Jacob Ellis) is his younger gay brother who is always in trouble financially and romantically. He has dreams of winning first place in the local drag queen contest and then using the money to start a new life.

Each brother thinks the other “has it so good” and wishes that they could experience what the other one’s life is really like. By a strange twist of fate, they switch places. The world around them sees no difference but Dallas and Austin realize they have been switched.

Now Austin must handle the office for Dallas as Dallas spends the day getting ready for the upcoming drag contest with the help of Austin’s sidekick, Jackie. The hilarity reaches new heights as evening comes and Austin goes home to Dallas’s wife Katelyn, who is ready to start making a family with him. Dallas goes to the theater to perform on stage in drag and win for Austin! How far will they go?

My Brother’s Shoes is now available on Dekkoo.

Watch now! ‘Stranger Hearts’ official trailer.

The Dekkoo-original series ‘Stranger Hearts‘ debuts on March 12.

From writer-director Kevin James Thornton, ‘Stranger Hearts’ is a thoughtful, sexy and deeply heartfelt new series following three queer characters of wildly different backgrounds. First, there is Andre, a shy young African-American man struggling with his sexual identity. When his mother finds a stack of gay porn hiding in his closet, the truth starts inching ever closer to the surface. Then there is Luka, a gender non-conforming photographer who has fallen on hard financial times. In need of a steady job, Luka decides to dip their toe into the potentially risky world of online escorting. Lastly, there is Billy, a smooth-taking media mogul who finds his life turned upside down when he’s diagnosed with an incurable heart disease. While waiting for a transplant, he begins reevaluating his life and learning to appreciate the people closest to him. Though they don’t know it, all three of these disparate characters are soon to be connected – through fate, work, family, love… and donuts.

Check out the official trailer below!

New episodes of Bad Boy are available!

Sort of like The Odd Couple with the fast-paced sensibility of 30 Rock, the sexy and hilarious series Bad Boy  – which has four brand-new episodes available now on Dekkoo – explores the dynamic between Mack (Tony Harth), a young, dumb-ish “bad boy” with a crazy past, and Scott (Artie O’Daly), a straight-laced man Mack has chosen to adopt as his “Daddy”… much to Scott’s frustration.

Artie O'Daly, Braden Davis, and Drew Bradley in Bad Boy

Both characters are gay (Artie is in real life; Tony, sadly, is not) and gay themes and undertones are woven into the comedy.  Plus, there is a hell of a twist in store.

Braden Davis in Bad Boy

After releasing the first episode online, Bad Boy garnered hundreds of thousands of views. With limited resources, the creative team behind the show set out to complete what were clearly in-demand new episodes.

Tony Harth in Bad Boy

The lead actors originally met doing a play in Los Angeles. Artie, who also directs the series, is a prolific actor who has been on shows such as “Modern Family”, “Silicon Valley”, “The Big Bang Theory,” “General Hospital,” and the new, wildly acclaimed sketch series “I Think You Should Leave.” He also co-created the web series Successful People (which you can also watch now on Dekkoo).

Artie O'Daly in Bad Boy

Tony is a recent arrival to L.A. from the state of Wisconsin and has already appeared in multiple commercials and sketches.  Together, they made Bad Boy, which took on a life of its own. Now they’re chasing it wherever it goes!

Drew Bradley in Bad Boy

The first eight short episodes are all available now on Dekkoo!


Short Film Spotlight: Hold My Hand

Writer-director Isabella Walsh shows the bittersweet demise of one relationship and the blossoming of a brand-new love her short film Hold My Hand.

Billy (Jordi Rea) is a nerdy-cute young straight guy who pops into the ‘Maid of Ink’ tattoo parlor with his girlfriend Meredith (Morgan McKenzie Moore). Once there, he quickly and quietly becomes enamored of Oscar (Ryan Farrell), the a confident young tattoo artist. Despite his “deathly fear of needles” he returns later, requesting a tattoo – any tattoo – in order to spend some quality alone-time with Oscar and figure out what’s really going on with these sudden urges.

Jumping back and forth in time, using fragmented story-telling to her advantage, Walsh manages to keep the tension running high in Hold My Hand. The film almost plays out like a mystery, showing us hints of trouble in Billy and Meredith’s relationship before we have the full picture of what has pulled them in different directions.

Walsh is also able to make the act of getting a tattoo highly erotic. With simple shots of wrist-holding and knees nearly touching, the sexual tension between Billy and Oscar becomes palpable without ever getting graphic.

Hold My Hand is now available on Dekkoo.

Original Poster Art for Hold My Hand by Isabella Walsh

New This Week – 12/14/18

Invited to present his first feature film at a festival in Normandy, Graud, an attractive new writer-director, has no idea that his life is about to change – especially after he meets a handsome young projectionist with a crush. ‘My Life With James Dean’ available to stream now on Dekkoo!

From the creator of ‘Make the Yuletide Gay’ comes a romantic comedy that brings together three interrelated tales of gay men seeking family, love and sex during the holiday season. Watch ‘Shared Rooms’ now on Dekkoo!

When a teen boy finds a bundle of gay porn magazines in a dumpster he is confronted by a group of bullies. However, to his surprise, the magazine comes to his rescue! The gay short film ‘Jackpot’ is available now on Dekkoo!


Coming next week: “…a moving, laugh out loud romp from start to finish!” – Indiewire

New This Week – 11/16/18

The gay movie Front Cover is now available to stream on Dekkoo!

When a gay fashion stylist works with a renowned foreign actor, they both embark on a journey of self-discovery. Stream ‘Front Cover’ now on Dekkoo!

The gay short film Gabriel Gabby is now available to stream on Dekkoo!

A young couple attempts to produce a documentary about an adolescent exploring their gender identity, but in the process discover that not all attention is good attention. Stream the gay short ‘Gabriel Gabby’ now on Dekkoo!

The gay film The Secret Path is available now on Dekkoo!

Theo and Frank are on the run from the British Navy in the early 1800’s. They hide in the grounds of an abandoned country house and discover it’s more than the living they’re running from. ‘The Secret Path’ is available now on Dekkoo!


Coming next week: “A powerful dramatization of a passionate gay affair.” —

Short Film Spotlight: Call Your Father

“Queer filmmaker Jordan Firstman’s hilarious new short is a brutally honest glimpse at a queer romance.” – Out Magazine

Craig Chester and Jordan Firstman in Call Your Father

Usually a reserved guy, Greg (Craig Chester of Swoon, Adam & Steve and Kill Your Darlings) struggles to keep up with young, unpredictable Josh (writer-director Jordan Firstman) on their first date. But as the night continues, things spiral out of control and the two men must confront the generational divide in this cutting and insightful comedy about what it means to be gay in contemporary America.

Craig Chester and Jordan Firstman in the Poster for Call Your Father

A charming, funny and insightful 20-minute short film, Call Your Father was a huge hit at film festivals all around the country. You can watch it right now on Dekkoo.