A troubled teen strives for physical perfection in the provocative drama The Perfect David

Sixteen-year-old David (Mauricio Di Yorio) is much like any teen, but his boyish good looks rest upon a hulking, muscular body. He spends the majority of his time obsessively working out, trying desperately to reach idealized bodybuilder perfection.

This obsession is mostly fueled by the desires of his troubled mother Juana (Umbra Colombo), an accomplished artist who controls David’s every move, overseeing all aspects of her son’s regimen and weightlifting training.

As David dedicates himself to developing his physique, the allure of a social life begins to call out to him. His group of male friends begin beckoning him to be more outgoing while an attractive classmate sets eyes on David and works to win him over. And as these social opportunities start intruding on his physical training, a disoriented David starts taking some performance-enhancing shortcuts, sending him into a dangerous downward spiral.

From director Felipe Gomez Aparicio, The Perfect David is a visually stunning and provocative character-driven drama. It’s at once a delicious ode to the beauty of the male form, a warning of the dangers of seeking absolute perfection.

Watch the trailer for The Perfect David below. The film is now available on Dekkoo.

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